Electronic Content Requests - US Patent on User Privacy
My patent on designing a database methodology on iOS to protect user privacy.
Tuesday, Jan 2, 2018 || Patent Link

At my time at Apple as an engineer in 2015, I worked on Core OS, building out solutions to help protect the user's privacy. At the time Apple was transitioning itself into a privacy focused being, always protecting the user and making sure no data was leaked from the device.

However, this put advertisements in an odd situation. To deliver good advertisements to the end user on iOS devices, the host server had to know certain aspects about the user in order to deliver "targeted ads". Unfortunately, this would mean host servers would understand the user and store that information (where they are from, what they do, what they eat). Companies like Google and Facebook release this information since it's part of their privacy policy to do so.

The idea for this patent came from on the thesis that we can still target ads to the end user, but not release any user data, effectively securing user privacy. The implementation of this privacy focused database was written in 2015, and incorporated in iOS 9. The patent was written and filed in mid-2015/2016 and issued in early 2018.

This database was later used in several parts of iOS, including App Store, Siri, Health, iAd, Apple Music and so on. I wanted to thank Julie W. Cheng, Michael R. Siracusa, Ryan S. Mehlmauer, Sagar A. Joshi, Subash Sundaresan, and Todd M. Teresi for working on such an amazing project!

Here is the link to the patent.